Hetalia – Personality of Nations

Hetalia: Axis Powers is an online webcomic and anime series. What is interesting for Hetalia is that the characters are various countries of the world. The story involves politics and historical issues, and of course, World War II. As a comic from a Japanese perspective, it tends to neglect all the evil sides of the Axis Powers during WW2 since Japan was one of the three countries in the Axis. However, sharing attitudes towards different countries is an enjoyable experience of watching it.

Sometimes, we would hear people saying:” Well, he is such a typical Canadian.” It is true that people have different opinions about a national stereotype, but some characteristics may be shared. Taking Germany as an example, the word that comes across is “serious”. Though we know Germans cannot live without drinking beers, and they eat too much German sausage. They are regarded as the most serious ones by a great number of people from other nations. There are different opinions, but we are talking about the larger group.

So why do we give personalities to countries? I think it is because the variability of cultures makes us distinguish people from other countries, according to how they do things differently from we do and what they are famous for. Thus, to make a personality tag of each country helps us memorize various countries and their cultures.




1 thought on “Hetalia – Personality of Nations

  1. I always think it is interesting when I heard people bring up things like this. I will say things like “He is so Korean/Japanese!” when I recognize where such person was from. The other day I read a bbs post about assigning personality to each major Chinese cities. It was interesting but of course a lot of biases. Such a fun to see how one group of people view theirselves and others.

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